The Beverage & Retail Industry

TRIFT makes it easy to launch your training program with content developed by industry leaders to make sure what your team's learning is current, compliant and consistent with your message.  



Dedicated to helping your employee deliver your products and services efficiently, cost-effectively and with the highest consumer satisfaction.


Courses and activities designed to improve and develop the skills and capabilities of your management team.


Help both the novice and seasoned employee fine tune their skills at selling product or service for your company.


Ensure your employees understand and follow the rules and regulations governed by state/provine, county, town and your company.


Courses that include all measures, practices and strategies to protect employees and customers from avoidable risk or harm.


Focused on your employees including on boarding, company policies & procedures and company culture.



A collection of micro-learning courses dedicated to the world of beer! From Ales to Stouts, TRIFT covers the popular styles and types of beer.


From bold red to fruity white, TRIFT offers a collection of wine courses to meet the most discriminatory of tastes.


We've got Vodka, Gin, Brandy, Rum, Tequila, Whisky and more. TRIFT delivers spirit courses that have a little bit of kick!


If you've got-em, smoke-em and at TRIFT, we've got-em! Learn all about the world of cigars and how to tell them apart.


The Who, What, Where, When and How of the cannabis world including CBD's and the many forms it takes.

Gourmet Foods

Make the most of your celebration by pairing gourmet foods with your favorite beverage of choice.


Make the most of your celebration by pairing gourmet foods with your favorite beverage of choice.

There's Always

Something to Sell-A-Brate

Introducing The Holiday Series 

Selling products just got easier!  TRIFT has added a new category of Sales Courses intended to help retailers sell more products around the many holidays throughout the year.  The goal is to help employees better understand the importance each holiday plays in the store  and help customers have their best holiday experience.. whatever they are celebrating.

Product knowledge builds employee and consumer loyalty and increases employee competency all of which will increase your average basket size...  

giving you even more reason to celebrate.

An investment in knowledge PAYS FOR ITSELF.

~ Benjamin Franklin

Off The Shelf

jump start your learning

TRIFT has a robust library of micro-learning courses. 

With 8 categories and over 200 titles, you can quickly get started with our learning solutions.   

Custom content

make it yours


Your company is unique and may need more than "off the shelf" content.  TRIFT can take any material whether a welcome message from your president or a unique process that you use and create interactive learning courses for your company.   


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