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The Veterinary Library is developed by subject matter experts with courses designed to help your team provide outstanding client service, offer outstanding services and conduct business with the client in mind. Custom courses can also be created to ensure your services get communicated accurately.  

Learning Categories

Customer Service

Dedicated to helping your employee deliver your products and services efficiently, cost-effectively and with the highest consumer satisfaction.


Courses and activities designed to improve and develop the skills and capabilities of your management team.

Health & Wellness

Help both the novice and seasoned employee fine tune their skills at selling product or service for your company.

Ethics & Compliance

Ensure your employees understand and follow the rules and regulations governed by state/provine, county, town and your company.


Courses that include all measures, practices and strategies to protect employees and customers from avoidable risk or harm.

Human Resources

Focused on your employees including on boarding, company policies & procedures and company culture.

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Q4 - October, 2020

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Q4 - October, 2020

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Q4 - October, 2020

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Q4 - October, 2020

Topic Number Five

Q4 - October, 2020

Veterinary Topics


A library dedicated to those critical topics, relevant information, and processes intended to help administrators keep businesses running smoothly and efficiently.

Preventive HealthCare

A series of courses designed to help employees understand the products and services involved in preventive pet care, focusing on continuous good health.


The topics that discuss the quantitative, qualitive, and the supply chain methods and processes that allow employees to provide a higher level of products and services for clients.

Products & Services

Courses dedicated to the innovation, products and services veterinary hospitals offer to help pets live longer, healthier, and better-quality lives.


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