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TRIFT develops, designs and delivers learning programs that prepare today's workforce for tomorrow's future.

Knowledge is power. 

Effective workplace training is directly associated with higher profits, customer loyalty and satisfaction, improved employee morale and reduced turnover ~ all the outcomes you want for your company. Learn about the benefits of training and why mobile-ready microlearning is the preferred training method.  


The preferred and most effective learning method for adults.


Work anywhere... office, store or hey ~maybe the beach.

Proven ROI

The statistics prove the value of training (and they are astounding)!

An organization's ability to LEARN and translate that learning into ACTION is the ultimate COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE.

~ Jack Welch

Former CEO General Electric

TRIFT delivers.

We're ready to work for you and will do what it takes to earn your business. We offer a full service learning solution that we can customize to your specific needs.   

Learning Experts

Get to know us and why TRIFT is your best choice.

Extensive Library

Off the shelf, custom and industry specific.  Our library never stops growing.  

Enablement Tools

TRIFT ensures your success with a complete start up kit and never ending support.


—  Source: HP

In-house training costs 73% MORE than outsourced training. 



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