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Customer Service

Interacting with Customers

Keeping Customers Informed

Responding to Complaints

... and more


Engaging Customers

Cross Selling

Up-Selling Techniques

... and more


Creating a Strong Team Culture

Time Management

Maintaining Teams

... and more

Ethics & Compliance

Responsible Vendor

Industry Regulations

Maintaining Teams

... and more

Human Resources

Diversity in the Workplace

Sexual Harassment

Workplace Violence 


... and more


Ladder Safety

Slips, Trips & Falls

Proper Lifting 

... and more


Microsoft 365 Suite Training


Spirits - Grain Alcohol

Wine Terminology Guide

Beer Guide

... and more


No two companies are the same and sometimes, you need more than off the shelf. TRIFT offers rapid custom course development to our clients for virtually any topic you can image. Want to do a course on company culture?  An intro by your president? Whatever you need, we will create a course to achieve your objectives.  

By Industry

TRIFT clients come from every industry and we create courses to match their needs.  Clients include grocery, beverage and retail, medical and veterinary practices each of which have a custom content library to support their learning needs. 

An organization's ability to LEARN and translate that learning into ACTION is the ultimate COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE.

Beverage Industry

TRIFT works with beverage retailers and associations to create custom content exclusive  to the needs of the beverage industry including state specific regulations and product training for beer, wine and cigars.   

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