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The Micro-Learning Mobile-Ready Approach to Workforce Education

Affordable training that is easy to deploy,

easy to access and easy to update.

What is Mobile-Ready?

Mobile-ready learning is SCORM compliant modules that can be accessed anywhere, anytime and on any device. This lets your team tap, swipe and click their way to knowledge mastery no matter where they work.

What is MicroLearning?

Micro-learning is learning that is delivered in short nuggets of information, usually 3-7 minutes in length and uses gamification, video, infographics and simulation to make learning engaging (fun) for the user.

Deliver training in the mode and method that is proven superior.   

Micro-learning encourages sticky learning.

Traditional learning is often an intensive, one-time event that covers multiple concepts at once. Yet research shows that without repetition, more than half of new information is forgotten within one hour and 80% is lost after one month. Micro-learning combats this by making learning an on-going process.

It makes learning a part of the work day.. instead of a day away from work.

Arguably one of the biggest advantage of mobile learning is its accessibility. A lull in customers in the store or office, riding the train to work or standing in line all become learning opportunities for your team since their phone or tablet is already in their hands. And it works. Course are usually completed 45% faster and remembered long after classroom learning has been forgotten.  

Preferred by users.

Today's learner wants training that is easy to access, informal and provided in short bursts of information. Almost all employees (94% to be exact) prefer microlearning to traditional classroom training.  

Micro-learning accommodates different learning styles.

Micro-learning can be as simple as a short lecture or as complex as an interactive video game. By varying the content, you can deliver a consistent message but still address the diverse learning needs of different members on your team.

Micro-Learning improves motivation.

Boring training doesn't work but, if you like what you are doing, your engagement is improved.  Research shows a 50% increase in learner engagement when using a micro learning format

Cost-effective and easy to deploy.

Micro-learning courses cost less to develop and can be released about 300% faster than traditional learning courses. This keeps your company's latest products and policies (literally) at your team's fingertips.

Training is a business priority.

Mobile-ready micro-learning is one of the top three business priorities for companies ranking only behind business alignment and improved data mining [Brandon Hall Group, 2016]  This is with good reason as companies that have developed training programs consistently demonstrate profits that exceed the cost the training.  Learning and development supports your organization across all metrics; it makes sense to deliver the training in the mode and method that is proven superior.


~ Benjamim Franklin

Tell me and I forget,  teach me and I REMEMBER

involve me and I LEARN.


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