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The little great training.

TRIFT delivers enterprise training solutions using an online microlearning format.


Microlearning is learning that is delivered in short nuggets of information and uses gamification, video, infographics and simulation to make learning more efficient and more FUN.   

Tell me and I forget,  teach me and I REMEMBER

involve me and I LEARN.

Benjamin Franklin

Why Micro-Learning is a Better Choice

Microlearning is not a new concept. This approach of learning in short, repetitive bursts that cover content that increases in complexity has been around for centuries. Microlearning has begun to attract more attention in the recent years, with its increasing popularity in the corporate sector. And microlearning in corporate training is not a fad, it’s a trend that is expected to stay and grow in popularity.

The best way to make learning interesting for your employees is to provide training content that’s short and interesting. Be it knowledge retention or its practical application, learning in smaller chunks ensures sticky learning. Because microlearning is focused on covering one performance objective at a time, it makes learning relevant to learners. Also, it’s easier to access short modules of learning through mobile devices. Why should you consider adopting microlearning at your workplace? Check this infographic that lists 5 statistics that can prove to be an eye-opener.


REDUCED cost of training

Microlearning courses are developed 300% faster on average than traditional learning courses.This allows for rapid release of new content to share with your team. 

50% Savings 
Over traditional learning courses 


improved KNOWLEDGE retention

Microlearning makes repetition easier which improves knowledge retention and the "forgetting curve".  

20% Increase


RAPID application

Microlearning is the perfect tool to provide that "just in time" learning that is needed to boost performance.  Because it can be accessed exactly when needed, microlearning provides ongoing performance support to every member of your team. 

17% Increase



If you like what you do, time does not matter. Research has proven that employees are more engaged and prefer learning in short bursts .

50% Increase



Leaners who participate in microlearning report better understanding of the topic and easier translation to work life.

71% Increase


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