Mobile Ready. 

Why it matters for your organization. 

Anytime. Anywhere. Any Device.  That's the definition of mobile ready and it allows your Team to tap, swipe and flick their way to knowledge mastery and task proficiency.   All TRIFT courses are SCORM compliant and mobile ready.  Learn more about why mobile ready learning is the future for corporate learning programs.    

We're using our mobile devices already...

Here are some interesting stats.   We look at our smartphones an AVERAGE OF 221 TIMES PER DAY which makes up more than 20% OF OUR AWAKE TIME. In fact, mobile-only users now OUT-NUMBER desktop only users.  This can be a good thing for corporate training because mobile learning is associated with higher retention rate of knowledge and skills.   

Makes use of downtime.

Arguably the biggest advantage of mobile learning is its accessibility.   A lull in customers in the store, riding the train to work or standing in line all become learning opportunities for your team since their phone or tablet is already in their hands. And it works. Course are completed usually 45% FASTER and remembered long after classroom learning has been forgotten.  

Microlearning increases motivation.

Most people don't like training. Part of the reason for this is that traditional training takes away time from an already busy workday and it's hard to fit in.   Mobile learning allows employees to complete training when and where they want which increase motivation... a lot.  79% OF RESPONDENTS REPORTED IMPROVED MOTIVATION to learn when they were able to use their mobile devices to access courses.   

Addresses all learning styles.

Mobile learning makes it possible to develop courses that include reading, learning through video, researching on the internet and socially collaborating.   This helps meet THE LEARNING NEEDS OF A DIVERSE WORKFORCE and improves motivation (see above!).

It's a Strategic Business Priority.

According to a survey by Brandon Hall Group, 2016, MOBILE LEARNING IS ONE OF THE TOP THREE BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT PRIORITIES for companies (ranking only behind business alignment and improved data mining).   This is with good reason as companies that have developed mobile learning consistently show an ROI on their investment.

hey... what's SCORM? 

SCORM stands for Shareable Content Object Reference Model. It is the defacto standard for eLearning interoperability and is essentially a set of technical standards that tells programmers how to write code so that it can "play" well with other software.  

Let's use DVDs as an example.  When you buy a movie or CD, you don't need to check if it works with your DVD player.  That's because DVD movies are all produced with a set of standards.  SCORM does the same thing fo courses and ensures that your content is available to your learners anytime, anywhere and on any device. 

TRIFT  courses are SCORM compliant so that your team is assured access, regardless of the browser or age of the device.


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