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Potential Pitfalls In Micro-Learning Design

Article By SAP Litmos, re-posted by TRIFT Inc. (Part 6 in the series).

There is a long list of benefits to microlearning, but that doesn't mean they are appropriate for every situation - or that simply breaking apart a 100 slide presentation into a ten 10-slide microlearning course will be successful.

These are the most common microlearning pitfalls - and how you can avoid them.

KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE: Whether learners can actually meet the objectives through a microlearning course depends on several factors - how complex the concept is, previous experience and training, and whether modules are sequenced logically. Keep the needs of your audience in mind when you develop your microlearning modules.

PUT IT IN CONTEXT: Learners need to know where the information "fits" into their current role - and how it meshes with what they already know - before they will retain the information and be able to apply it.

MICRO-LEARRNING ISN'T SHORT MACRO-LEARNING: The final - and perhaps most important - pitfall to avoid is taking the easy way out when it comes to creating your microlearning courses. Far too many Learning & Development professionals have tried shortcuts like breaking up existing training into shorter sessions. Without heavy revision, your 100-slide course simply doesn't translate into ten 10-slide microlearning modules. Remember, each microlearning module must standalone, and microlearning effectiveness relies on incorporating variety in teaching methods.

Make the most of all tools available to create a series of lessons that encourage collaboration, interaction, and engagement.

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