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Summer 2022 - New Course & Sales Program Announcement

TRIFT released into production twenty-six (26) new course titles. A combination of new and updated micro-learning courses, as well as full-length on-line courses that reflects our continued commitment to drive knowledge and competency in retail stores.

The release of full-length courses expands the learning strategy to provide more depth, knowledge and information that allow the learner to gain detailed information on topics of interest and how to apply them in the store.


Never Stop Learning. Twenty-six (26) new courses released today July 5th, 2022. Courses have been added to the learning management system and available for learner assignment and employee self-enrollment.

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TRIFT announces the release of a new series of courses designed to help employees engage with customers, enhance the shopping experience, and impact sales. The Retail Selling Series (RSS) is a collection of sales courses focused on the selling skills and selling techniques that can be applied by employees when working with customers.

The Retail Selling Series (RSS) works together as part of a comprehensive selling toolkit. The series is comprised of seven (7) micro-learning courses that address the in-store customer shopping experience.

All courses have been loaded in the learning management system and available for assignment as individual courses, or as the Retail Selling Series (RSS) learning path

Next Course Release Date: October 2022

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