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An investment in knowledge PAYS FOR ITSELF.

~ Benjamin Franklin

Off The Shelf

jump start your learning

TRIFT has a robust library of micro-learning courses. 

With 8 categories and over 200 titles, you can quickly get started with our learning solutions.   


Fine tune your employees sales skills, impact the average transaction size, and embrace the newly released

Holiday Sales Series.


Focused on your employees including on-boarding, company culture and company policy & procedure.


Courses that include all measures, practices and strategies to prevent and protect both employee and customer from avoidable harm.


Committed to helping your employee deliver your products and services efficiently, cost-effectively and with the highest consumer satisfaction.


Our Learning & Development in a Box makes it easy to design and deploy your learning program.



Get schooled on Wine, Spirits, Beer, Cigars,

and our newest additions 

Cannabis, Gourmet Foods, and

Non-Alcoholic Beverages


Develop your current and future managers. Improve and enhance the skills and capabilities of your management team.


Ensure your employees understand and follow the rules and regulations governed by state, county, town and the company.


Training in today's most commonly used electronic tools to help accomplish day to day tasks in the workplace.

Custom content

make it yours


Your company is unique and may need more than "off the shelf" content.  TRIFT can take any material whether a welcome message from your president or a unique process that you use and create interactive learning courses for your company.   

By industry

learn from the pros


TRIFT works with multiple different industry experts to create custom content that is reflective of the trends and needs of different industry services.  Our diverse client base includes beverage, grocery, medical and veterinary practices!





To gain or acquire knowledge or skill by study, experience or being taught.


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