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Branded Wine & Branded Spirit Courses

Higher Margins, Greater Profits

TRIFT expands its portfolio of wine and spirit titles by adding branded product courses to its portfolio. We recognize the value and revenue potential (to the store) by offering branded courses specific to the wines and spirits purchased from the Alliance. We're excited to add this benefit to our clients.

Eight Newly Released Branded Courses

Fog Bank

1941 Vodka


Blind Squirrel Peanit Butter Whiskey

TOSCA Prosecco

Tropic Isle Palms

Zinfandelic LODI

Cayman Reef Rum

Micro-learning Courses: The branded wine and branded spirit courses have been developed in true micro-learning format. Typically short in duration, these courses may include information on the branded product, tasting notes, pairing suggestions, cocktail recipes, and sales techniques. Courses include a knowledge check to ensure learner comprehension.

Enhance your Employees Selling Skills and Impact Sales with TRIFT Learning.

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