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Little training can yield big benefits

Microlearning makes it easy to access information when needed to improve job performance.

The Benefit of Microlearning

Understanding the learner and how they consume training can drastically affect your training design decisions. It’s important to take as much time as you can in defining this part of your strategy. Many times a failed launch was done with great content that just didn’t match up to the environment within the organization. We have seen this happen when training doesn’t display properly on older computers, or where learners could not play the audio that was a key component of the training. Some even relied on video, but the internet connection was outdated and unable to load the video.

The key differentiator for MicroLearning is in its size. Being much shorter than traditional learning and having a very narrow learning objective is critical to making it impactful. This requires the content to be very focused on the learning objective and removing any unnecessary information. It allows the learning to be far more impactful, and permits the learner quickly jump back to a specific MicroLearning not just to learn the objective, but even use it as a job aid.

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