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Never Stop Learning


Your business never stops and neither does TRIFT. Today, TRIFT released 15 new courses to the learning portal including new titles on Gourmet Food & Drink, Energy Bars, Leadership, HR, Customer Service & Safety. Your team will also love our new learning series for Beverages Infused with Cannabis to help your team effectively speak about and sell these products to your customers.


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Grow Knowledge. Grow Profit. (Repeat).


One advantage of micro-learning is that it keeps your frontline employees on the front line. Another is repetition. Repetitive learning helps improve retention and compliance so your team knows what to do and how to perform. A core set of learning topics (19 courses in all) were recently assigned to your team for completion. These courses will help to:

  • Meet legal standards (Responsible Vendor Series)

  • Ensure employees understand and follow company policies and procedures;

  • Remind employees of proper precautions and techniques to prevent workplace injury;

  • Human resource courses to help employees understand how to address and respond to topics such as bullying, diversity and harassment.

Courses will be re-assigned on a set schedule but you can also request re-assignment for a group or individual team member.

That's all for now.

"Cheers" to a successful 2021.


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