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Spring 2023 - Course Announcement

Never Stop Learning:

April 1st, 2023: TRIFT releases twenty-one (21) courses in the learning management system. A combination of new and updated micro-learning courses, as well as full-length courses that reflects our commitment to drive knowledge and competency across retail stores.

As part of the 2023 development strategy, TRIFT embarked on a new series of wine courses called

"The Wine Regions of the World". This series (when complete) will comprise of eighteen (18) advanced level wine courses. The series focuses on the regions around the world, where wine grapes are grown and produce some of the wine varietals, we have all come to know and enjoy.

Advanced level courses are longer and more in-depth than micro-learning courses, with the average length being 30-45 minutes in duration. "The Wine Regions of the World" series expands the learner's knowledge providing more information that allows the learner to gain greater insight into the wine regions, and how to use the information effectively when speaking with customers.

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The following courses have been updated to address both grammar and functional issues within the courses. All courses have been up-loaded into the learning management system and available to all users.

Product Titles:

  • Wine - The Anatomy of the Wine Glass

  • Beer - Scottish Ales

  • Non-Alcoholic Beverages - Ginger Beer

  • Cannabis - 2023 Cannabis Trends

Sell-A-Bration Series:

  • Valentine's Day (Love Potions)

  • St. Patrick's Day

TRIFT plans another April release of the remaining courses not ready as of April 1st. Look for another message from TRIFT with the remaining titles. TRIFT continues to design and develop new topics that deliver pertinent information to the learner, helping make greater impact when speaking with customers.

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