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Spring 2024 - Never Stop Learning

Course Announcement:

TRIFT releases thirty (30) courses in the learning portal. A combination of new and updated micro-learning courses that continues our commitment to drive learner knowledge and competency. "Never Stop Learning" is intended to drive a change within the store and make it part of everyones responsibility.

New Courses:

Eighteen (18) new titles debut this month as part of our commitment to driving knowledge across the store. In addition to our standard micro-learning and full-length titles, TRIFT rolls out the first of many scenario-based learning modules (keep reading for additional information).

Scroll to view new course titles. Click the black arrow to begin.

Scenario Based Learning: NEW

A new learning technique debuts this quarter with the introduction of scenario-based learning (SBL). Four new courses in the form of selling techniques becomes available on Monday, April 15th. Scroll to see the titles and look for them in the course catalog.

As the point of contact with TRIFT, you have been assigned the Scenario Based Learning Bundle to experience how scenario-based learning can change the way your employees put into practice these selling techniques. The learning bundle is one course with all four scenarios-based learning modules included. TRIFT requests your feedback and suggestions by sending an email to:

Course Revisions:

The following twelve (12) courses have been revised and/or updated to address course functionality, grammar, or interactivity within the course. All courses have been uploaded in the learning tool and available for assignment.

Selling / Sell-A-Bration Libraries:

  • Cross Selling Sales Skills (title change, content refresh)

  • Up-selling Sales Skills (title change, content refresh)

  • Retail Selling - Starter Kit

  • Mother's Day - A Cause for Celebration (new drink recipes added)

Customer Service Library

  • Telephone Greeting Techniques (content corrected, course refreshed)

Health & Wellness Library

  • Providing Customer Service during a Pandemic (updated with new data)

Operations Library

  • TRIFT's Guide to Micro-learning

Product Library

  • How Champaign is Made (content refresh, title change)

  • Styles of Champaign (content refresh, title change)

  • A Brief History of Champaign (content refresh, title change)

  • Chianti (correction made to Knowledge check questions, content refreshed)

Work-place Safety Library

  • CAUTION - Wet floors (content refresh)

Contact with any questions regarding this announcement.

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