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Training as Agile as your Business

Pandemic. Social unrest. Violence. Uncertainty. Businesses need a learning solution that responds to trending issues and teaches employees what to do. TRIFT offers the solution.

Learners have access to our ever-expanding library of micro-learning courses so you can deliver training on demand without interrupting the workday. These are the popular, trending categories at TRIFT for Summer, 2020.


Social Awareness Training Courses


Practical Tips to Overcome Racial Bias * Conflict Resolution * Building Trust With Others * Understanding Unconscious Bias & How to Overcome It * Diversity in the Workplace * What is Racial Prejudice & How to Reduce It * Preventing Workplace Violence

Successful organizations know that incredible challenges can be overcome when people from different backgrounds work together. Racially and ethnically diverse companies are proven to perform 35% better, are 87% better at decision making and recognize a 1.4 times increase in revenue. Social awareness and diversity training is included with your TRIFT solution.

Health & Wellness Courses


Health & Wellness - The Mind * The Body * The Soul * The Importance of Physical Activity * Health Data at Your Fingertips * Wellness Tips to Live By

Health and wellness training is directly associated with a reduction in injuries, absences, illness and overall healthcare costs. This library is the newest addition to the TRIFT solution released by popular request to support employees during the COVID-19 pandemic.


The TRIFT Advantage

The TRIFT portfolio includes eight (8) Learning Libraries, Seven (7) Beverage Product Categories, and hundreds of titles to educate, protect and grow your business - delivered online so your team can learn anywhere, anytime and on any device. Request a free trial so you can experience TRIFT yourself. FREE ACCESS


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