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TRIFT - Retail Selling Series

TRIFT announces the release of a new series of courses designed to help employees engage with customers, enhance the shopping experience, and impact sales. The Retail Selling Series (RSS) is a collection of sales courses focused on the selling skills and selling techniques that can be applied by employees when working with customers.

The Retail Selling Series (RSS) works together as part of a comprehensive selling toolkit. The series is comprised of seven (7) micro-learning courses that address the in-store customer shopping experience.

All courses have been loaded in the learning management system and available for assignment as individual courses, or as the Retail Selling Series (RSS) learning path.

The Retail Selling Series (RSS) consists of the following seven course titles:

  1. Reading the Shopping Cart

  2. Validating & Developing Trust

  3. Drive By Recommendations

  4. Sharing Experiences

  5. Touring (the store)

  6. Leveraging (knowledge & information)

  7. Client Telling

Develop your employees to be the best they can when working with cutomers. Assign the Retail Selling Series to employees that interact with customers.


Have a question regarding this announcement? e-mail TRIFT, share you feedback, get answers.


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