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Be Ready for the Fiesta: Cinco de Mayo

CINCO DE MAYO (May 5th) - The Sell-A-Bration Series continues!

Cinco de Mayo may be the most beloved of Mexican holidays in the United States. It is not Mexican Independence Day as many believe but, rather, it is a day that commemorates a single battle, The Battle of Puebla. While a minor holiday in Mexico, in the United States, Cinco de Mayo has evolved as a celebration of Mexican culture and heritage.

The course called "Cinco de Mayo - Cocktails" has been assigned to all employees and can be found on each employee's dashboard. This six-minute course will provide history of the holiday, beverages and cocktails to share with customers, as well as in-store merchandising idea's (to get everyone into the spirit).


Sell-A-Bration is a series of sales-focused micro-learning courses, designed to help employees learn about the holiday, the drinks and cocktails associated with the holiday, as well as merchandising techniques that can be applied across the store. Want to see a complete list of courses in the Sell-A-Bration series? See the full library here.


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