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Ensure All Employees Remain Compliant


Protect Customers - Protect Employees - Protect the Business

The Employee Compliance training has been assigned to all employees and can be found on their dashboards. Employee compliance protects the businesses against potential litigation, and ensures all employees remain compliant under State and Federal laws governing the sale of alcohol and tobacco products, and the proper identification of all shoppers.

The learning path is comprised of six (6) micro-learning courses. The combined length of the learning path does not exceed forty-eight (48) minutes in duration.

Communicate this Assignment: The success of any learning strategy is the ability to communicate the importance of the training, explain the impact it has on the business, and the responsibility that employees remain compliant and complete the assigned courses within thirty (30) days.

How to Ensure Compliance? Use this announcement to communicate the assignment. Reinforce the employee's responsibility to complete all assigned training within thirty (30) days.

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