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The Holidays

New for 2020 - Q2 Releases

You never stop working for your business and neither does TRIFT. We've been busy re-developing and re-launching existing courses, we're announcing new courses, new product lines and new ways to help your team sell-a-brate every holiday throughout the year. Read the latest news to learn more.

Three NEW Product Lines

Join the TRIFT Portfolio

TRIFT continues to develop and expand our Portfolio for the beverage and grocery industries. In addition to our current Product Categories (Wines, Spirits, Beer & Cigar), TRIFT introduces Cannabis, Gourmet Foods and Non-Alcoholic Beverages to our product lines.   Click each icon to learn more.

TRIFT Category Icon - Cannabis (LearnUpo
TRIFT Category Icon - Gourmet (LearnUpon
TRIFT Category Icon - Non-Alcoholic (Lea
New Product Lines
Celebrate Everyday

There's Always Something to Sell-A-Brate

Introducing The Holiday Series 

Selling products just got easier!  TRIFT has added a new category of Sales Courses intended to help retailers sell more products around the many holidays throughout the year.  The goal is to help employees better understand the importance each holiday plays in the store  and help customers have their best holiday experience.. whatever they are celebrating.

Product knowledge builds employee and consumer loyalty and increases employee competency all of which will increase your average basket size [even more reason to celebrate].

Holiday Series Titles

TRIFT Category Icon - Holiday Series (Le

What To Celebrate

Course Title

The Holiday Season

Summertime Fun

Fall / Halloween

How to Assist Gift Shoppers

The Seasons

BBQs & Beverages... The Perfect Pair *

Let the "Spirits" Rise... *

The Holidays

Resolution Cocktails

Valentine's Day

St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day

Cinco de Mayo (May 5)

Independence Day (July 4)



Love Potions

Your Lucky Charm Cocktails

Irish Cream... The "Other" White Drink

Mayo Madness 

Explosive Cocktails

Drinks to Toast With *

Christmas Cheer Cocktails *

New Year's Eve / New Year's Day

Holiday Wines

Girl Scout Cookies

Holiday Cookies

Religious Wines *

Best Wine for your Favorite GS Cookie *

Pairing Wine with Holiday Cookies *

The Every Day

* Scheduled For Release 2020

New Courses
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