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Summer 2023 - Never Stop Learning


July, 2023: TRIFT releases thirty-six (36) courses in the learning portal. A combination of new and updated micro-learning courses, as well as full-length courses that supports our commitment to drive knowledge and competency across retail stores.

TRIFT released two new series called "Wine Regions of the World", and "Wine Regions of the United States". The two series comprise over forty (40) advanced level wine courses. The series focuses on the regions around the world where wine grapes are grown, and produce some of the varietals we have come to know and enjoy.

Advanced level courses are longer and more in-depth than micro-learning courses, with the average duration of 30 minutes. The "Wine Regions of the World" series expands the learner's knowledge, providing additional information that allows the learner to gain greater insight into the wine regions, and how to use the information effectively when speaking with customers.

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TRIFT has begun the process of updating all first generation courses that were released in 2018 to 2020. The list is lengthy and will take the remainder of 2023 to review, refresh the content, and release in the learning portal.

The following thirteen (13) courses have been updated to address content, grammatical, and functional issues within the course. Courses are available to all learners in the course catalog.

Updated Beverage Product Titles:

  • Wine - The Anatomy of the Wine Glass

  • Beer - Scottish Ales

  • Introduction to Beer styles

  • Hard Seltzers (The Fizz Starts Here)

Updated Sell-A-Bration Titles:

  • Cinco de Mayo - Cocktail recipes

  • Mother's Day - A call for celebration

Updated Leadership Titles:

  • Time Management

  • The Dangers of Micro-managing

  • Leading a Multi-generational Team

  • Training a Multi-generational Workforce

  • Effective Communication as a New Manager

Updated Customer Service Titles:

  • Providing Customer Service during a Pandemic

  • Why is Everyone Rude Lately?


Have a suggestion or idea for a futute course? Click HERE and share what you would like to see in the future from TRIFT.

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