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The Micro-Learning Series Conclusion

Article By SAP Litmos, re-posted by TRIFT Inc. (Part 7 - final article in the series)

Microlearning is primarily an e-learning tool and it can play an important role as part of a comprehensive employee learning and development strategy. As more and more training is transitioned from the classroom to digital delivery, forward thinking leaders are exploring new methods of engaging employees in robust skill-building programs.

Through microlearning, employees have an opportunity to refresh existing competencies or develop new proficiencies without investing excessive amounts of time. The employers provide the much needed development and training of their employees - which has many company benefits - a win for both the employee and their employer.

This series touched upon key topics and pointed out the issues a company should take into consideration when considering a micro-learning strategy. To revisit any part of the series, click on the topic and be taken directly to the blog posting:

TRIFT is a provider of microlearning solutions that supports the concepts discussed throughout this series. With TRIFT, your employees can learn anywhere, anytime, and on any device. TRIFT can custom build the right program that meets your requirements. Learn more about TRIFT here.

Want to find out more about microlearning and how to make it work for your business? Request your FREE access and experience for yourself what microlearning is all about.

We wish to thank the folks at SAP Litmos for authoring the article. To learn more about SAP Litmos, click here.


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