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Why Micro-Learning From TRIFT Works.

The rapid transition to digital technology continues to transform every aspect of today's lifestyles, and retailers are doing everything they can to stay one step ahead. When businesses offer quick bursts of information that employees can take action on immediately, sales go up - fast! Training departments are capitalizing on this effect by creating learning portfolios based on images, videos and learner inter-activity. As soon as employees have the option to engage and interact with the material, they become hooked. These learning techniques are embraced and used at TRIFT. Micro-learning reinvents the training experience for employees. Instead of droning on in long classroom sessions or endless learning slides, courses are short, creative and to the point. It's a win for employees, who no longer have to sacrifice day-to-day productivity in order to particiapte in training, and it's a win for employers, too. Many training departments are discovering that shorter is better, exploring the fact that micro-learning could well be an affordable, effective and engaging way to connect with employees and drive cultural changes in business.


TRIFT Inc is an online provider of Micro-learning content, offering 500+ titles, across 11 libraries and 8 liquor store product categories. Whether you use TRIFTS platform or your own, we have a learning solution to fit your unique business needs. Find out more about how TRIFT can help you learn more. Contact TRIFT today.

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