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Transforming Workplaces Through Recognition

Unleashing the Human Element at Work

Many employees are drifting from their organizations – even when they are not actually leaving. Only 1 in 4 employees strongly agree they feel connected to their culture and only 1 in 3 strongly agree that they belong at their organization. But organizations can reel them back in!

To build the right workforce for the future and leverage its capabilities, leaders must take a human-centered approach to building their employee experience and employer brand. It starts by demonstrating to employees that you value them by recognizing their contributions.

This report was conducted to understand what recognition means to employees, whether they feel they are receiving it authentically, equitably, and frequently enough, and what affect good recognition has on their attitudes toward work and life.

In this report you’ll learn:

  • The 5 essential pillars of recognition to drive a culture of connection and belong.

  • How recognition can drive annual cost savings through retention and engagement.

  • Why recognition is key to employee growth and development.

Workhuman and Gallup partnered to provide the following 2022 report.


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