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TRIFT Program Announcement

May 2nd, 2022 - TRIFT Inc. announces two program enhancements intended to improve the users overall learning experience. TRIFT expands our portfolio of offerings by adding three new libraries, and the introduction of full-length (traditional) on-line courses.

TRIFT remains committed to its strategy to offer courses in a micro-learning format and begins developing full-length on-line courses. The new course format will offer the learner a deeper, more thorough learning experience one that compliments the current TRIFT portfolio of offerings.

Program Enhancements:

  1. New Learning Categories

  2. Expanded On-line Courses (known as full-length courses)


New Learning Categories:

TRIFT has expanded the learning portfolio with the addition of three new libraries, bringing the total to ten (10) libraries to choose and learn from.


Expanded On-line Courses: (known as "Full Length" courses)

As part of our commitment to driving competency and knowledge, TRIFT announces the strategy to offer full-length on-line courses, in addition to the current micro-learning library of offerings.

The addition of full-length courses to our portfolio allows TRIFT to deliver more, in-depth knowledge, greater information, and useful tools that are not always suited in a micro-learning environment.

Full-length course durations will be anywhere from 25 minutes to 45 minutes in duration. These full-length courses have more chapters, greater inter-action, and more case studies (to reinforce learning objectives), as well as tools applicable to liquor stores. Full-length on-line courses (as announced) will become available in the learning portal.

TRIFT will continue to develop and offer content in micro-learning formats, as well as the new full-length format courses. Recent client feedback requested longer, in-depth courses, but also maintain the shorter duration courses which remain popular among TRIFT'S diverse learning audiences.


Have a question regarding this announcement? e-mail us below.


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