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Why MicroLearning Works.

Article By SAP Litmos, re-posted by TRIFT Inc. (Part 1 in the series)

The rapid transition to digital technology has transformed every aspect of today's lifestyles, and smart companies are doing everything they can to stay one step ahead. For example, we are seeing more and more training professionals taking lessons from their colleagues in marketing, where innovators are finding huge success in new areas such as social media marketing. Why?

When businesses offer quick bursts of information that consumers can take action on immediately, sales go up - fast! Marketing departments are capitalizing on this effect by creating massive campaigns based on images, videos and user-generated content. As soon as viewers have the option to engage and interact with the material, they become hooked. The cleverest of branding campaigns become viral sensations that make a strong impression on a massive audience. Market penetration and increased audience reach are important metrics here and should apply to your training department too.

The same techniques are being used in Learning & Development. Microlearning - also referred to as nanolearning - reinvents the training experience for employees. Instead of droning on in long classroom sessions or endless learning slides, courses are short, creative and to the point. It's a win for employees, who no longer have to sacrifice day-to-day productivity in order to particiapte in training, and it's a win for employers, too. Like its marketing counterparts, many L&D departments are discovering that shorter is better, exploring the fact that microlearning could well be an affordable, effective and engaging way to conect with learners and drive cultural changes in business.


TRIFT Inc is an online provider of Microlearning content and offers content conversion from traditional learning modules to micro-learning modules that can be hosted on the TRIFT platform or your own. Find out more about how TRIFT can help you learn more and learn better. Ask us today.

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